Five steps to craft the perfect Father’s Day message

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Father's Day is coming up, and if you're on the hunt for the perfect gift, we think the best present is a thoughtful message of love and thanks. But we know writing a memorable note can be tough. Use this easy 5-step guide to get your creative juices flowing to craft a meaningful, love-filled card for any dad.

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Find a way to connect
Remind dad that you're a chip off the old block. Whether, you've got the same taste in retro fishing gear or you've played his vinyl copy of "Abbey Road" to shreds, giving dad props for passing on his knowledge, favorites, and quirks is one way to say you care.

To the man who threw me my first pitch...

To my grandfather, who gave me the love of the great outdoors...

To my partner, who reminds me that parenting takes patience and care...

Lead with emotion

Reach down deep and let your squishy, vulnerable side show. This is the time to tell the dad in your life how you really feel and what they mean to you. Infuse each word with love. You might not get all the feels down the first time, but remember, there's no "wrong" when you write from the heart.

You mean so much to everyone in our family. We love you.

Dad, you mean so much to me every day.

I don't say this enough, but I love you, dad.

Say "thanks" — and really mean it
So many dads make a huge impact on our lives -- stepdads, uncles, grandfathers, godfathers, spouses -- but tell him why he matters. Saying "thank you" with love, gratitude, and respect is often the best gift of all, and don't be afraid to get specific, sappy, or silly.

Thank you Uncle Tom for teaching me all of your killer dance moves.

Thanks grandpa for passing on your incredible work ethic — and the ability to grow a handlebar mustache.

I know how to be a great father because of you. I am so grateful for you, dad.

Tell him just how much you appreciate him
In addition to thanks and gratitude, recognize dad for all the ways he makes your life more magical. Because he's not just a role model, he's a friend. Maybe he's the life of the party, maybe he's the all-knowing (but hilarious) source of wisdom, maybe he's Mr. Fix-It who always arrives with a toolbox in hand. Maybe he's all of the above! (Probably!) No matter what, there's no better time than now to tell dad that all the things he does that make your life a little more wonderful.

Dad, our family is so much stronger because we have you to look up to.

You make every holiday, birthday, and celebration one to remember. Grandpa, you are always my guest of honor. 

My life is richer and more blessed because I have you dad.

Send all the love
OK, time to cue the waterworks. Sign-off with all the love. We mean allllll of it. X's and O's and everything. We'll leave you to write that one yourself ;)

Need more ideas? We have 15 meaningful, expertly crafted Father's Day messages — and for grandfathers and husbands, too. We also have 50 super punny Father's Day puns. As we say: Dad puns are the new dad jokes.   

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