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A Man's Survival Guide To Gift Giving In The Love Leagues

Posted by Courtney Love on

The act of giving someone else a gift seems to be hard-wired into human behavior: We do it almost from birth. Just watch a toddler solemnly hand one of his cookies to a parent and you’ll see just how basic is the impulse (and watch closely enough and you’ll also see that it is the cookie that the kid had previously licked and found to be an icky flavor). But there’s no need to over-think it: Simply accept that, if you’re married or in a serious relationship, you’re expected to give gifts. And do it well. Or else.  If you’re...

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A LovePop Promposal

Posted by Ale Andres on

It’s that time of year again for Prom. Before the choosing the dress, transportation and making dinner all starts with the promposal. We are so excited to have been apart of Kyle’s promposal to Greta! Kyle went the "extra smile" when he asked Greta this year. Here is his story!   The preparation: Just a small photo of Greta and himself sailing aboard the Tallship (wood). It's safe to say he's a genius, and very thoughtful!     The Presentation: Kyle presented Greta his promposal complete with chocolate, roses and the LovePop Card.   Greta’s reaction:      ...

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Gratitude Guide: How To Write Meaningful Thank You Cards

Posted by Wombi Rose on

With the popularity of emails, text messages, tweets and social media posts communication is becoming more streamlined and less personal.  However, gratitude never goes out of style. Handwritten thank-you notes remain appropriate and expected in many situations.  Use these easy tips for crafting meaningful thank-you notes that will impress even the most stringent sticklers for tradition.     Prepare to Write The process of writing a thoughtful note of thanks begins well before the pen touches the paper.  Begin by keeping a detailed list of notes that need to be written.  In the hectic days leading up to a wedding...

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Swimming in the Charles

Posted by Lovepop Team on

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